Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling

Advanced Veterinary Surgery

in Luling, TX

At Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling, you can afford to give your pet the best veterinary surgical care. We perform routine general surgeries as well as more complex procedures.

Surgical Procedures

Whether your pet needs a routine procedure such as a spay/neuter surgery or a complex internal or orthopedic procedure, Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling has your pets best care in mind. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled veterinarians, you can rest assured your pet is in good hands!

The veterinarians of Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic are skilled in advanced animal surgery. When routine veterinary surgery, such as spaying or neutering and dental surgery or emergency surgery is needed, we implement anesthetic protocols that are unique to your pet’s needs. Throughout your pet’s procedure, our staff will monitor your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, SPO1 (oxygen levels), CO2 (carbon dioxide levels), and EKG with the highest quality of veterinary equipment.

You can expect full-service surgical capabilities at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic. These include the specialized services like ear cropping, TPLOs (knee surgeries), surgical anal sac removal, fracture repair, and exploratory surgery. We are sensitive to both your economic abilities as well as the specific health needs of your pet.

Ease your mind before your pet goes in for surgery by reading over our list of what to expect.

What to expect when your pet has surgery at our clinic:

  • Your pet may NOT eat past 10:00 p.m. the night before a surgery
  • Bring your pet to the clinic for check-in between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. on the morning of surgery
  • After check-in, expect a consultation with your veterinarian to address any questions you may have
  • Your pet will have blood drawn before being sedated for surgery
  • Anesthesia is administered and the surgery is performed
  • Please be available for a phone call from Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic to update you on your pet’s condition
  • Your veterinarian will go over your pet’s post-surgical care and medications before sending your pet home

Emergency Surgery

Should your pet develop a sudden illness or become injured in an accident and need immediate surgery, please call us at 830-875-2456 before arriving. This will enable our staff to prepare for your pet’s care. At the Luling office, our on-call veterinarians are available after-hours and for weekend emergency services. It is expected that full payment be provided at the time of service.