Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling

Animal Radiology & Veterinary Ultrasound

Available in Luling, TX

Great veterinary care comes from accurate diagnostics! Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling provides diagnostic imaging to give our veterinarians a view of your pet’s internal structures without facing exploratory surgery. Diagnostic imagining can mean the difference between life or death for some pets.

Should your cat or dog become ill or injured, you can expect a complete and accurate evaluation when you bring your pet to Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic. Our veterinarians and staff have access to the latest in digital radiography and veterinary ultrasound technology. Our tender staff ensures that your pet is as comfortable as possible when digital X-rays are taken or an ultrasound is needed.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays give your pet’s veterinarian fast access to your pet’s bones and some organs quickly! Digital x-rays are available instantly because they do not require chemical developing like traditional film x-rays. We use state-of-the-art digital X-ray equipment to diagnose many pet ailments, from determining why your dog is limping to what is causing your cat to have difficulty in chewing.

Pets often need to be put under general anesthesia to acquire the most accurate X-rays possible. For your pet’s safety, we follow strict protocol, including precautionary blood work before we administer the most up-to-date general anesthesia. You can be assured that we will keep a sharp eye on your pet throughout the procedure. Our equipment captures diagnostic images immediately, ensuring that your pet will quickly receive the best, most appropriate treatment for his or her condition.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasounds allow your pet’s veterinarian to diagnose disease, tears, and other abnormalities in your pet’s organs. Ultrasounds save lives by providing accurate images of your pet’s internal organs.

The advanced veterinary ultrasound equipment at the Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic allows our veterinarians to study vital organs such as your pet’s liver, kidneys, bladder, and heart to determine whether they are functioning properly. We utilize ultrasound as a noninvasive diagnostic tool to assess many conditions like pregnancy, disease, blockages, cysts, tumors, or any other irregularity your pet might have.

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic veterinarians and staff strive to deliver five-star veterinary service using the latest technology in digital radiology and ultrasonic equipment. We’re here to provide not only the outstanding customer service that you have come to expect, and should know that you deserve.

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