Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling

Hospice Services

and Compassionate End-of-Life Care

There is no way to make the loss of a pet less painful for you and your family. At Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic, the compassionate veterinarians and staff are here to support you when your pet has arrived at the end of a full life, falls fatally ill, or suffers a life-threatening injury.

We believe the best way to comfort you during this difficult period is to advise you of your pet’s condition and prepare you for each step. It is our solemn pledge to make your pet as comfortable and pain-free as possible throughout those precious last moments. We’ll develop an effective pain medication strategy to alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

If the time comes, our pain-management and compassionate euthanasia services are available give your pet a dignified, pain-free send-off. We offer you the choice of staying with your pet while the veterinarians perform the procedure or you can choose to remain outside the room. We also offer clients the choice of at-home euthanasia because sometimes the most appropriate place for this process is at home with your family. Our end of life care is available at our clinic in Luling and at your home if you desire.

We have many cremation options as components of our end of life care. Call the caring staff of Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic to learn more information about how we can support your family during this emotional period.