Seven Christmas gifts for pets

Your furry family members don’t understand Advent calendars or the 12 days of Christmas, but there’s no denying that when you’re having fun, they’re having fun! When you’re in an unwrapping [...]

Senior petcare tips

While it’s true that cats and dogs are prone to many of the same conditions humans are, unlike humans, your dog or cat can’t say, “I better get this sore knee checked out,” or “This chest pain [...]

Lost pet? Here’s what to do

It’s a situation pet owners fear: there’s a hole under the fence, the sitter left the front door open, the leash broke. Your beloved fur baby is lost. A lost pet is a scary situation for both you [...]


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Don’t be duped by dupes

For some online purchases, if you get the wrong thing in the mail, it’s at worse a few bucks down the drain, and at best, a funny story to share on Twitter. But when it comes to your pet’s [...]

3 myths about cat health

Ask any cat owner and they’ll tell you how low-key their pet is: they sleep the day away, they don’t need to go outside, they don’t need to be walked. But one thing that shouldn’t be low-key is a [...]

Welcome, Dr. Justin Casares!

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic is excited to welcome Dr. Justin Casares to our team! He will practice large- and small-animal medicine and surgery. Dr. Casares comes from a long history of [...]